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      Ningbo huacheng powder coating co., LTD was founded in 2009. Is a collection of scientific research, development, production of new environmental protection powder coating professional Manufacturers. The company has 7 semi-automatic production lines for powder coatings, with annual design Production of epoxy powder coating, ring/poly powder coating, pure polyester powder coating Material, acrylic powder coating, polyurethane powder coating and other five categories of powder coating Material and sand grain, orange grain, wrinkles, hammer grain, moire grain, mesh, flash, clip Flower, aluminum silver and other fine arts powder coating of 5000 tons or more, a wide range of products Used in home appliances, office furniture, hardware lamps and lanterns, garden utensils, Hugh Spare parts, vehicle parts, automobile wheel hubs, fire fighting equipment, instruments and meters, Road guardrail, corrosion pipeline and other fields of the workpiece coating. Company research and development Department USES the innovative technology, develop energy-saving ultra-low temperature 100-125 ℃ curing powder Coatings (baked, MDF, medium density fiberboard), high temperature resistant powder 300-800 ℃ End coating (exhaust brake butterfly valve, grill), in the same industry in China Leading level, customers praise! Products will gradually expand to glass, wood Ware, pottery and other application fields, the prospect is very broad. Products are mainly sold to ningbo, Shanghai, jiangsu, guangzhou, jiangxi, henan and other places. For many years the company has been known as" Integrity pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, excellence, win-win cooperation "as the business purpose And the concept, to "high quality, efficient, professional, steady, harmonious" known, has been By the customer's good praise. The company has passed is09001:2000 quality control Management system certification, is014001:2004 environmental management system certification; Dusting powder The most influential new media in the coating industry: China powder coating network as the most potential Power of the top ten powder coating manufacturers.